Optimal Reimbursement. Payment Integrity. More Revenue. ... from your existing claims! Reimbursement Optimization Across the Revenue Cycle.

Reimbursement pressure is accelerating...
And MRA can help.

MRA provides reimbursement optimization services that identify and recover additional revenue for hospitals and health systems nationwide.

Our goal is to ensure optimal and accurate reimbursement for every claim, providing new revenue through our two solutions:

Accident Claims Management - Our AcciClaimâ„¢ solution optimizes reimbursement for claims related to Motor Vehicle and Workers' Compensation accidents.

Payment Integrity Management - Our Blackmaple Provider Recovery solution uses proprietary analytics to identify and recover underpayments from Government and Managed Care payers.

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Accident Claims Management
  • AcciClaim|Auto™
  • AcciClaim|WorkComp™
  • AcciClaim|Zero™
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Blackmaple Provider Recovery
Payment Integrity Management
  • Underpayment Recovery
    • Medicare
    • Managed Care
  • Contract Management Enhancement
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