MRA's mission is to ensure optimal and accurate reimbursement for every claim, providing hospitals and health systems the financial resources they need to perform their missions.

To perform our mission, we provide technology-enabled services that optimize reimbursement across the revenue cycle, creating additional revenue for hospitals and health systems nationwide. Founded in 1999 and based in Franklin, Tennessee, MRA is a recognized leader in reimbursement optimization, serving over 300 hospitals and health systems nationwide.

Our services are provided through two distinct solutions:

AcciClaim™ - our Peer Reviewed by HFMA® accident claims management solution seamlessly resolves accident-related health claims, optimizing reimbursement while eliminating the administrative pain of billing for Motor Vehicle and Workers’ Compensation accidents.

Blackmaple Provider Recovery Group - our payment integrity and underpayment recovery solution, uses proprietary analytics to identify and recover underpayments from Government and Managed Care payers.


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